South Brunswick High School Athletics

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Philosophy of Athletics: Culture, Climate, & Connections

Culture: The overall purpose of athletics is to develop positive values and habits in our student athletes so that personal growth and character development occurs through sport/activity. Communication is the KEY to creating this culture. We want all our students to take PRIDE in where they come from and where they call HOME. We want student athletes to be excited to represent their school and local communities. That type of Pride is a pillar to success at any level. 

Climate: Provide a safe, positive environment for student-athletes to learn, develop, and compete at a high level. Create an environment that strives to educate the whole person in that it provides a unique opportunity to develop well-rounded student athletes by integrating the pursuit of good sportsmanship, community service, and academic excellence. Student participation in athletics enhances the personal and social maturation of student athletes. This participation in athletics often provides student athletes with opportunities to experience the world beyond the school boundaries and, consequently, contributes to their personal growth and development.  

Connections: Create long-lasting connections that extend past their school experience. Student activities and athletics are a vital part of the overall educational experience. Mentorship, leadership, and a clear emphasis on respect within the athletic program create strong interpersonal connections with coaches and student athletes. WE must lead with character, integrity, & energy/excitement  - “You win with people.” 

Overall, the Athletic Program will always value and model lifelong habits such as:  accountability, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills, persistence, work ethic, self discipline, social skills, teamwork, the importance of inclusion, performing under pressure, and the ability to take instruction while striving for excellence. 

These characteristics go beyond sports. Our goal is to help our student athletes become great people and contributors to society. These are the qualities that we want all of our students to leave with as they move forward in life.  Also, we never want them to forget the people and program that believed in them throughout their academic and athletics journeys. 


CJ Hendricks, Director of Athletics 

South Brunswick School District